ZoneRipper MINI is a high quality compact ripping appliance ideally suited for the style connoisseur.
The 100% aluminium case has echos of iconic designs such as the Apple Mac Mini or the Sonos ZP120.
  • Automated CD Ripping
  • Slot loading optical drive
  • UPnP AssetUPnP server pre-installed
  • AccurateRip / DBPowerAmp Ripping engine
  • Network shares for Sonos
  • Squeezebox Server pre-installed
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Fanless design
  • PC and Mac compatible

ZoneRipper MINI Silver

ZoneRipper MINI is available in the following storage capacities

Single Drive Models

1 x 500GB

1 x 1TB

Dual Drive Models

2 x 500GB

2 x 1TB

ZoneRipper MINI Black


Intel Atom Processor

Capacities from 500GB to 2TB (2x1TB)

Slot loading optical drive with Automated CD Ripping

AssetUPnP server for Linn DS etc

Network shares for Sonos

Squeezebox Server for Logitech Squeezebox

10/100/1000 Network Interface

Windows Home Server Operating Systems

ZoneRipper features AssetUPnP and ripping software based on DBPowerAmp from Illustrate.

Case Construction

100% Aluminium construction

Available in BLACK or SILVER anodised brushed aluminium finish


197mm x 197mm x 85mm

In the box

ZoneRipper MINI

UTP Network Cable

12v DC power adapter

Mains Cable

Quick Start Guide

ZoneRipper MINI logo detail

ZoneRipper MINI logo detail